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Quartz Surfacing

Unlike natural stone products that are quarried, quartz surfacing is made in a factory. The slabs consist of approximatly 93% quartz (one of the hardest minerals on earth) and 7% resins. The resins act to bond the quartz together and add color to the final product. They also help to make the material heat and scratch resistant and result in a nonporous material that never needs sealed or polished.


Years ago the colors and patterns were an issue due to the lack of interesting patterns and industrial look. Today several manufactures offer colors that resemble natural stones such as limestone, marble, granite and even concrete. Even the finishes have come a long way. No longer do you have to settle for a polished surface. Finish's include honed, leather, antiqued and more.


Surfaces offers one of the largest selections of Premium Quartz Surfacing in Tulsa. Feel free to click on a manufactures links below to see what each has to offer!  


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