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What are the Benefits of sealing the granite countertops Tulsa?

Granite is perhaps the most robust and durable of all the materials used for the creation of covers. It is for this reason that it is not surprising that it has become the most popular option for the coating of kitchens. However, it is an expensive investment, and it has to be properly maintained to prolong its life and appearance.

Why is it important to seal the granite?

Granite countertops Tulsa, on the Mohs scale, has a hardness of 7, although it varies according to the quarry. It does not mean by this that it is invulnerable, as some factors that can damage its appearance.

The fatty acids they integrate can fill the pores of the plates. However, they are not as hard or difficult to remove as acrylic sealants. Also, they offer a source of nutrients for friendly bacteria and allow the evaporation of water. The most notable benefits of sealing your slabs with help from granite sales and maintenance experts are:

Help the environment

Granite needs to pack carefully. Low maintenance needs, if granite is appropriately packed. This means they won't depend on harsh chemicals that can pollute your home's air quality and the environment.

Avoid deep stains

Granite, as we pointed out, is a porous stone, so when it is sealed, a liquid drop will form on its surface that prevents it from staining. This advantage applies especially to lighter color granites, which are more prone to staining. With the occurrence of spills, then the cleaning process must perform as soon as possible. The longer they remain on the floor, the more difficult the cleaning will be.

Decrease the threats of engraving

Etching occurs when acidic foods are spilled on the granite, for example, lemon juice. Others that can cause print are vinegar, wine, coffee, soda, and reliable cleaners. Using cutting boards, among other surface protections, can be very helpful. However, accidents do occur, so regular granite sealing is the best option to avoid spills.

Speed ​​up cleaning routines

With the granite sealed, they will avoid spending a lot of time scrubbing to remove traces of water and oil. Allows cleaning to be done with a soft cloth and in seconds. If the cover requires more cleaning, you should avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh sponges, as they can etch. Instead, use a soft cloth with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent. You can also purchase specific cleaners for granite that will make cleaning even more comfortable.

Ensures your appearance

Protecting your countertops with a coat of caulk regularly will help preserve their natural beauty and prevent them from becoming dull and lifeless. Also, that water, oils, and other pollutants leave mineral deposits that make the stone lose its luster.

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